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Yuanshu Bamboo Fibers Rice Paper - 10 Sheets (18"x27")

Yuanshu Bamboo Fibers Rice Paper - 10 Sheets (18"x27")

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Unleash your artistic expression with the Yuanshu Bamboo Fibers Rice Paper. With its rich history and exceptional quality, this paper is perfect for practicing both painting and calligraphy. Each pack contains 10 sheets measuring 18"x27".

Derived from tender bamboo fibers, this unbleached rice paper embodies the essence of traditional Chinese art. The name "Yuan-shu," meaning "first-writing," reflects its prestigious history as it was used by emperors in imperial rituals on New Year's Day.

The natural tone of this paper exudes an antique charm, adding depth and character to your artwork. It is particularly well-suited for classical-style flower-and-birds and landscape paintings, allowing you to capture the timeless beauty of these subjects.

With its medium thickness, the Yuanshu Bamboo Fibers Rice Paper offers a fine and soft texture. It strikes the perfect balance between absorbency and minimal smearing, providing you with optimal control over your brushwork.

Immerse yourself in the world of traditional Chinese artistry and elevate your practice with this exceptional rice paper. Each sheet measures 18"x27", offering ample space for your creative endeavors.

Discover the elegance and versatility of the Yuanshu Bamboo Fibers Rice Paper - the perfect companion for both brush painting and calligraphy. Order your pack of 10 sheets today and embark on a journey of artistic excellence.

Please note: Due to the natural characteristics of this paper, slight variations in texture and tone may occur, adding to its unique appeal.

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