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Unsized Confucius Xuan Rice Paper Pad - 30 Sheets (10"x14")

Unsized Confucius Xuan Rice Paper Pad - 30 Sheets (10"x14")

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Discover the versatility and affordability of our Unsized Confucius Xuan Rice Paper Pad. With 30 sheets of unsized "raw" rice paper, each measuring 10"x14", this pad is perfect for artists of all skill levels.

The unsized Xuan paper offers a unique painting experience. It is medium absorbent and has a slightly smearing texture, allowing for beautiful and expressive brushwork. The single-ply weight provides a delicate and soft surface that lends itself well to various painting styles.

This rice paper is particularly suitable for painting flowers and birds, figures, animals, and landscapes. Its white color provides an excellent backdrop for vibrant colors and subtle nuances. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist looking for an affordable option, this pad is an ideal choice for practice and experimentation.

The Unsized Confucius Xuan Rice Paper Pad is favored by both students and professionals. Its quality and value make it an excellent practice paper for those starting their artistic journey. Advanced artists also appreciate its affordability, allowing for more experimentation and exploration without breaking the bank.

Upgrade your art supplies with this versatile and budget-friendly rice paper pad. Unleash your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life. Order your Unsized Confucius Xuan Rice Paper Pad - 30 Sheets (10"x14") today and elevate your painting experience.

Please note: Due to the nature of unsized rice paper, it is recommended to use paper weights to hold it in place during painting and flatten it by wet or dry mounting before framing.  

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