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Three(3) basic brushes for Chinese paintings or Sumi-e

Three(3) basic brushes for Chinese paintings or Sumi-e

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The set includes

1) A basic soft wash hair brush: bristle length 1-1/2" and 3/8" diameter,  total brush length 11" with handle. It is made of 80% fine synthetic sheep hair and 20% thicker synthetic goat hair forming a sharp tip:  This soft brush is a great wash brush to apply colors. 

2) A basic stiff calligraphy brush: bristle length 1-1/4", diameter 5/16", total length 10". As a calligraphy brush, it is commonly used for calligraphic strokes such as bamboo and orchid.

3) A small "leaf vein" stiff brush. Bristle length 3/4", 1/8" diameter, 8" long total with bamboo handle. This brush serves as a small liner. As its name "Ye Jing"("Leaf Vein") suggests, it is commonly used for defining veins on leaves and drawing of other details.  You may use it as a liner or signature brush to sign your paintings.  

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