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Elevate your artistic journey with the remarkable BIG BRUSH for Pola Rowland's ZEN and EXPRESSIVE PAINTING AND MARK-MAKING Class!

Discover a brush that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to move with the whole body, harness the power of breath, and channel the vital energy of chi into your creations. Crafted as a testament to the fusion of art and spirit, this BIG BRUSH stands as a gateway to a realm where your artistic expressions are imbued with life and vitality.

Brush Dimensions:

Length: 5" (13cm)
Diameter: 1-9/16" (4cm)

Handle Dimensions:

Total Length: 9-1/2" (24cm)
Overall: 14" (36cm)

Masterfully curated by the ingenious Master Xu Laosan, this specialty brush seamlessly intertwines synthetic and natural horse tail hairs, forming a bridge between tradition and innovation. It's not merely a tool; it's an extension of your creative essence.

Embrace the wisdom of ages past as you wield the BIG BRUSH, drawing inspiration from the ancient art of Jing-zhua or "Peking Grab." This traditional technique, passed down through generations, encourages you to move with the whole body, inviting you to surrender to the rhythm of your strokes. As you load the brush with your chosen medium, you'll instinctively find your breath synchronizing with each movement, infusing your artwork with an ethereal vitality.

The brush's impressive dimensions might evoke thoughts of unwieldiness, yet it is precisely in this deliberate design that its true magic lies. As you embark on your artistic odyssey, you'll naturally adapt your grip, a subtle dance guided by the essence of "grabbing" the handle. This intimate connection between hand and instrument taps into the wellspring of your creativity, enabling you to unleash bold strokes and daring expressions.

But the BIG BRUSH is more than a conduit for your movements; it's a conduit for your spirit. Its split tip, exquisitely responsive to your every intention, serves as a conduit for the flow of chi – the life force that animates your artwork. With this brush in hand, you have the power to channel your energy into each stroke, creating contemporary abstract marvels or Zen-inspired landscapes that pulsate with vitality.

Experience the union of art and soul as you witness the BIG BRUSH in action through the captivating video linked below. Immerse yourself in a symphony of movement, breath, and chi as you unlock new dimensions of artistic expression.

Your journey awaits. With the BIG BRUSH, you don't just create art; you embody it. Move with the whole body, breathe life into your creations, and infuse your work with the essence of chi. Join us in Pola Rowland's ZEN and EXPRESSIVE PAINTING AND MARK-MAKING Class and paint your masterpiece like never before.
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