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Stiff and Soft Rabbit Hair Combination Brushes - Crafted for Precision and Fluidity

Stiff and Soft Rabbit Hair Combination Brushes - Crafted for Precision and Fluidity

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Indulge in the luxurious harmony of precision and fluidity with our Stiff and Soft Rabbit Hair Combination Brushes. Masterfully crafted by renowned brush making Master Xu Laosan in Nanjing, China, each brush is a symphony of meticulously selected white and black rabbit hairs, promising an unparalleled painting experience.

Innovative Design for Expressive Strokes:

White soft rabbit hairs grace the exterior, functioning as a reservoir to retain optimal moisture, ensuring each stroke flows seamlessly. Nestled within, the black stiff rabbit hairs converge into a spring tip, offering the artist the precision to create lines infused with calligraphic expression.

Versatility at Your Fingertips:

The thick bamboo handle is designed for comfort and control. Hold it vertically for tip-centered fine lines that dance gracefully on your canvas, or horizontally to unleash bold, expressive side brush strokes enriched with captivating ink or color variations.

A Connoisseur’s Choice for Diverse Themes:

These brushes excel in free-style landscape, figures, animals, and plants rendering. They are also the quintessential gongbi wash brushes, making them a cherished addition to every watercolor artist’s collection.


  • Large: Head 1 7/16"(3.5cm) x 3/8"(1cm), Handle Length: 8-3/4"
  • Medium: Head 1 5/16"(3.2cm) x 3/16"(0.9cm), Handle Length: 8-3/4"
  • Small: Head 1"(2.5cm) x 1/4"(0.7cm), Handle Length: 8-3/4"

Master Xu Laosan’s Signature Creation:

Every brush is a testament to Master Xu Laosan’s unrivaled craftsmanship, blending traditional techniques with innovative design to breathe life into your artistic expressions.

Unlock an oasis of creativity and precision – add the Stiff and Soft Rabbit Hair Combination Brushes to your collection today.

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