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Shuniku Red Seal Ink Pad for Inkan Hanko Name Chop(5CM)

Shuniku Red Seal Ink Pad for Inkan Hanko Name Chop(5CM)

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Product Description:

Experience the precision of traditional Japanese "Shuniku" with our water-based, fast-drying red ink pad. Crafted with a blend of high-quality pigments, resins, and organic solvents, this ink is perfect for Inkan (Hanko) or name seal stamping.

Vibrant and Efficient: Our compact ink box features a mess-free sponge pad infused with super fine red dye. It requires no stirring and leaves no residual deposits on your seal. The ink dries instantly without any thick buildup, offering a stark contrast to traditional slow-drying ink pastes.

Versatile and Dependable: Ideal for use on various paper types, including rice paper and photographic paper, our ink provides clean, bleed-free impressions. It is acid-free, permanent, lightfast, and waterproof, ensuring long-lasting results.

Convenient and Portable: Housed in a lightweight, durable plastic box, our ink pad is designed for easy transport and use on the go. With an inner diameter of 50mm (2 inches) and an overall box diameter of 70mm (2.5 inches), it is perfectly sized for both personal and professional use.

Longevity: To maximize the lifespan of your ink, simply keep the lid closed after each use. When stored properly, the ink will maintain its quality for many years.

Origin: Proudly made in China, this product exemplifies craftsmanship and quality.

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