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Set of 2 Pocket Version Synthetic Water or Ink Brush Pens with Piston-Filler

Set of 2 Pocket Version Synthetic Water or Ink Brush Pens with Piston-Filler

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Introducing our new and improved pocket version of the synthetic piston-fill brush pens, available individually or as a set. Based on valuable user feedback, we have made several upgrades to enhance your creative experience. These upgrades include English labels with clear usage instructions, a smaller tip for delicate artworks, and a "stop click" feature on the metal cap.

These pocket version piston brush pens are versatile tools that can be filled with ink, liquid watercolor, or water. The top of the brush handle features a piston knob that controls the flow and allows for adjustments while in use. The exterior of these brush pens resembles a regular fountain pen, with the metal cap now equipped with a "stop click" mechanism to prevent damage caused by over-pushing. The cap can also serve as an extension to the handle, ensuring a more secure fit than the original version. Their compact and convenient fountain pen design makes them easy to carry around, ideal for working with ink, watercolor, half pans, watercolor pencils, soluble crayons, and pastels.

Crafted with 100% synthetic bristles that simulate the natural tips of animal hairs, these brushes offer a pointed tip that easily regains its shape and fits snugly into the metal cap. The set includes two brushes:

  1. Synthetic Sheep Hair Brush (A10):

    • Brush Tip Size: 5/16" (8mm) L, 1/8" (2mm) D
    • Length (capped): 5 1/2"
  2. Synthetic Wolf Hair Brush (A20):

    • Brush Tip Size: 9/16" (15mm) L, 3/16" (5mm) D
    • Length (capped): 5 1/2"

For guidance on using the piston-filler waterbrush, we recommend referring to our related article: "How to Use the Piston Filler Waterbrush."

Before use, please ensure that any residual glue in the new brush is thoroughly washed out. Cleaning the brush is a breeze—simply squeeze out some water and brush it on a paper towel. To maintain your water brushes, remember to clean and drain them before storing when not in use for an extended period.

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Compare our Piston-Filler Brush Pen with other Refill Cartridge Brush Pens:

BH Piston-Filler Brush Pen Refill Cartridge Brush Pens
Refill Cost Low High
Flow Control Controlled by piston knob No control device
Hair/Bristles Similar to traditional calligraphy brush hairs Mostly made of nylon or gel tip, with hair brush versions being extremely expensive
Designed for Sumi-e or Calligraphy Yes No

Product Review:

"The brush pen truly feels like an actual brush, with the natural feel and flow it provides. It effortlessly creates beautiful, accidental flowing lines, and the piston ensures a consistent ink flow, eliminating concerns of drying out or excessive ink release. The hair tip mimics the qualities of natural hair, maintaining its original shape and sharp point with remarkable smoothness. What's more, there's no need for expensive special ink; it's just like using an actual brush, even when drawing outside.

This brush pen is a highly creative and useful tool that I wholeheartedly recommend to fellow artists. In fact, my perspective professor at the Pasadena Art Center in California was so impressed that they asked me about the pen I was using."

-Junghoon Lee, Korean Art Student

@ Pasadena Art Center, California

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