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Semi-Sized Xuan Rice Paper 10 Sheets

Semi-Sized Xuan Rice Paper 10 Sheets

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Our Semi-Sized Xuan Rice Paper is available in two convenient sizes: Large (54"x27") and Medium (18"x27"). This "half-raw" Xuan paper is partially absorbent, offering less bleeding than the unsized or "raw" rice paper, making it a versatile choice for artists.

This paper is treated with an alum solution on the back or coarse side, unlike full-sized or "mature" rice paper, which is sized on both sides. As a result, it absorbs ink and paint moderately, preventing smearing or bleeding while maintaining a degree of absorption.

The paper is single-ply, natural white, and features a fine texture. It is ideal for painting flowers, birds, figures, animals, and landscapes. Unlike unsized paper, our semi-sized Xuan paper does not leave watermarks between strokes, making it more forgiving for beginning students. It also offers advanced artists the flexibility to create showpieces using spontaneous, boneless, and semi-detailed techniques.

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