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Paper-backed Silk for Gongbi Chinoiserie - Gelatin-free Sized, Cut to the order by Yard

Paper-backed Silk for Gongbi Chinoiserie - Gelatin-free Sized, Cut to the order by Yard

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Enhance your Gongbi or elaborate style Chinese painting with our premium quality paper-backed silk. Available in four elegant colors: yellow gold, white gold, white silver, and antique gold. Simply select your desired color when placing your order.

This gelatin-free hard-sized silk is specifically designed for Gongbi painting, but it is also suitable for calligraphy and freestyle paintings. The paper backing ensures stability and ease of handling, allowing you to create intricate and detailed artworks.

Unlike traditional silk, this specially treated silk is non-absorbent, preventing smearing or running of colors. Its smooth surface enables you to effortlessly manipulate paints, achieving flat washes, beautiful gradations, and fine textures. Feel free to explore other painting styles such as mogu boneless or Chinoiserie on this versatile silk canvas.

In addition to traditional Chinese paints, you can also experiment with masking fluid, gouache, or acrylic paints on this silk surface. Let your creativity flow and enjoy the diverse possibilities this silk offers.

Choose from the following available colors:

  • White Gold (WG)
  • White Silver (WS)
  • Yellow Gold (YG)
  • Antique Gold (AG) Out of Stock

Cut to the order by yard: 13.5" (35CM) x 36" (91.5cm).

Elevate your artistic expression with our paper-backed silk for Gongbi Chinoiserie. Experience the seamless blend of tradition and innovation in your paintings. Order now and unlock new creative horizons!

Please note: Colors may appear slightly different in person due to variations in screen settings and lighting conditions.

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