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Mulberry Paper #1 Pi/Kozo Small - 30 Sheets (15x19)

Mulberry Paper #1 Pi/Kozo Small - 30 Sheets (15x19)

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Discover the exceptional quality and versatility of our Mulberry Paper #1 Pi/Kozo Small. Made from mulberry tree leaves and inner bark, this paper is also known as PI paper in China or Kozo paper in Japan. With a thickness of 27gsm, it offers a smoother and finer texture compared to #2, making it a preferred choice for various art and craft projects.

The Mulberry Paper #1 is pH neutral and archival, ensuring its durability and longevity over time. Its semi-sized absorbency strikes a perfect balance, allowing for minimal smearing while retaining a soft and strong fabric-like quality.

Ideal for water-based art media such as watercolors and fluid acrylics, this paper allows colors to bleed through, showcasing their vibrancy and creating captivating visual effects. Whether you're painting landscapes, animals, birds, or flowers, Mulberry Paper #1 provides a suitable surface for your artistic expressions.

This versatile paper is well-suited for a range of artistic endeavors, including Sumi-e or Chinese brush painting, calligraphy, mounting, rubbing, stamping, kite making, lantern creation, window coverings, collage, and much more. Let your creativity soar as you explore the endless possibilities this paper offers.

Each sheet measures 15"x19" (38cm x 48cm) and weighs 27gsm. With this package, you'll receive 30 precisely cut pieces of Mulberry Paper, ensuring an ample supply for your creative projects.

Choose Mulberry Paper #1 Pi/Kozo Small and elevate the quality of your artwork. Experience the difference in texture, durability, and versatility that this exceptional paper provides. Order now and unlock new artistic possibilities!

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