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General Wang's Calligraphy Brush L/M/S

General Wang's Calligraphy Brush L/M/S

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Crafted by master Xu Laosan, this exquisite brush is designed for Chinese calligraphy, inspired by the style of General Wang Xizhi. Made with a blend of wolf hair and rat whisker bristles, it offers a sharp tip and is perfect for standard, semi-cursive, and cursive calligraphy. You can also use it for painting bamboo, flower stems, leaf veins, and tree branches.

Available in three sizes:

  • Small: Bristle length 1-1/4"(3.2cm), diameter 5/16"(0.8cm); handle length: 9"(23cm)
  • Medium: Bristle length 1-3/8"(3.5cm), diameter 11/32"(0.9cm); handle length: 9"(23cm)
  • Large: Bristle length 1-5/8"(4.3cm), diameter: 3/8"(1.0cm); handle length: 9"(23cm)

Experience the exceptional quality of this brush, as praised by our customers. It has garnered rave reviews, with its perfect balance of body and softness. It is favored by beginners and professionals alike. Discover the artistry of General Wang's Calligraphy Brush and elevate your creations.

Note: This brush is highly regarded by watercolor artist/teacher Robert Sherrill and is loved by calligraphers worldwide.

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