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Silicone & Backing Paper Combo for Dry Mounting Chinese brush paintings or Sumi-e artworks

Silicone & Backing Paper Combo for Dry Mounting Chinese brush paintings or Sumi-e artworks

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Introducing our Silicone & Backing Paper Combo for Dry Mounting, a convenient package that includes essential components for seamless artwork mounting. This combo consists of a piece of Silicone paper and a piece of plain backing paper, both designed to enhance your dry mounting process.

Package Contents:

Silicone Paper: Measuring 26.5x36 inches (66.5cm x 92cm), this high-quality Silicone paper features a release paper that keeps the adhesive film clean, ensuring easy handling and protection for your artwork and the iron or press machine.
Plain Backing Paper: Also measuring 27x36 inches (66.5cm x 92cm), the plain backing paper is specially designed with a rough side that has "teeth" to securely hold the silicone film against the back of the artwork. 

Mounting Method: 
Step 1:
Cut the backing paper and silicone paper to the size of your artwork with a rotary cutter.  
Place the Silicone film, with the film side facing down, on top of the rough side of the backing paper.
Iron the combination at the "silk" or temperature of 180°F (82°C), allowing it to cool slightly afterward.
Peel off the release paper from the Silicone film. 

Step 2:

If needed, lightly flatten the artwork using moisture and a low-heat iron.
Lay the artwork flat, facing up, on top of the area with silicone adhesive on the backing paper.
Cover the artwork with the release paper saved from step 1.
Iron again, starting from the center and moving outward, to re-activate the silicone adhesive. Ensure even pressure and movement to avoid bubbles and ensure a secure bond.

Important Note: We recommend performing a test before mounting your important artwork to ensure the desired results.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our Silicone & Backing Paper Combo for Dry Mounting. Elevate your artwork presentation and achieve professional mounting results with this reliable and easy-to-use combo.
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