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Convenient Ink Cake with Case: The Perfect Companion for Plein Air Painting

Convenient Ink Cake with Case: The Perfect Companion for Plein Air Painting

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Enhance your plein air painting experience with our Convenient Ink Cake and Case. Designed to complement BHA piston water brush pens, this ink cake offers a hassle-free and long-lasting supply of ink, eliminating the need for an ink stone and grinding.

To use, simply wet your brush with water and lightly brush the ink cake to load the ink. With two brush adjustment areas and a small reservoir inside the lidded box, this compact solution ensures easy ink application while preventing stains and spills. It is a must-have for traveling calligraphers and painters seeking convenience and portability.

Unlike traditional ink sticks that require grinding, our ink cake provides immediate usability. Say goodbye to the laborious process of loading ink into water brush reservoirs. Instead, enjoy the freedom of variable ink tonality and smooth gradations without the worry of ink spillage.

The ink cake measures 2" (5cm) in size, perfectly fitting within the 2-1/2" (6.5cm) box. Crafted in Beijing, China, it showcases the expertise and quality of traditional Chinese ink craftsmanship.

Tips for optimal usage: Please note that due to climate changes, the ink cake may develop cracks. To address this, simply apply some hot water and let it rest overnight to naturally glue the cracks back together. Additionally, for added security, you may apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of the ink cake, ensuring it remains securely attached to the box and preventing any accidental drops.

Unlock the convenience and freedom of our Convenient Ink Cake with Case. Embrace the ease of use, portability, and precise ink control it offers, allowing you to focus on your artistic expression and capturing the beauty of the world around you.

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