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BHA Mulberry Paper #2A Pi/Kozo 19"x28" - 10 Medium Sheets

BHA Mulberry Paper #2A Pi/Kozo 19"x28" - 10 Medium Sheets

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Explore the Artistic Versatility of BHA Mulberry Paper #2A Pi/Kozo 19"x28"

Dive into the world of traditional art with our Mulberry Paper #2A Pi/Kozo, affectionately known as "dragon clouds" paper. Crafted from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and enriched with long strands of kozo fiber, this paper features a striking translucent white appearance with visible veins that enhance its natural beauty.

Exceptional Quality and Durability: Each sheet is PH neutral and archival, ensuring your artwork withstands the test of time without degradation. The semi-sized texture is perfectly calibrated to enhance absorbency, allowing colors to pop with brilliance. Ideal for a plethora of artistic applications, this paper excels in displaying vibrant landscapes, detailed animal motifs, lush plant scenes, and delicate flowers.

Ideal for Diverse Techniques: Mulberry Paper #2A Pi/Kozo supports a wide range of techniques including split-brush painting, wet-washing, monoprinting, and crinkling. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for rigorous artistic methods without compromising the integrity of the paper.

Multi-Purpose Art Medium: This paper is not just for painting. It’s also perfect for brush painting, sumi-e, calligraphy, mounting, rubbing, stamping, and collage making. Its versatility makes it a preferred choice for artists and craft enthusiasts looking to explore different mediums and styles.

Product Specifications: Each sheet measures 19"x28" and has a weight of 34gsm. Available in bundles of 10 sheets, Mulberry Paper #2A Pi/Kozo is conveniently packaged to suit various project sizes, whether small personal pieces or large professional artworks.

Bundle Offers: Check out our bundle prices for even greater value on your purchase, allowing you to stock up on high-quality paper without stretching your budget.

Order today and elevate your artistic endeavors with the superior quality of Mulberry Paper #2A Pi/Kozo!

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