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3/4" Qingtian Soapstones: The First Choice for Chinese Name Chops or Artist Signature Seals

3/4" Qingtian Soapstones: The First Choice for Chinese Name Chops or Artist Signature Seals

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Our 3/4" Qingtian Soapstones are the ideal choice for creating Chinese name chops or artist signature seals. Designed specifically for engraving 1-4 Chinese characters, these soapstones allow you to craft a personalized and meaningful seal that represents your identity or artistic style.

Derived from the renowned Qingtian County in Zhejiang Province, these soapstones hold a special significance in the art of Chinese seal engraving. With a rich history spanning centuries, Qingtian stone has been cherished for its exceptional quality and unique properties.

Each soapstone measures 3/4" (2cm) x 3/4" (2cm) x 2" (5cm), providing a compact and practical size for your seal engraving projects. Please note that the colors and patterns of the stones may vary from the picture, ensuring that each piece possesses its own distinct character.

To safeguard your soapstone and add a touch of elegance, we include a brocade silk box for storage or gifting purposes. This exquisite box not only protects your soapstone from damage but also adds a sophisticated touch to its presentation.

Complement your 3/4" Qingtian Soapstone with our Chinese name calligraphy design and seal carving services, available as a separate item. Let us assist you in bringing your vision to life by creating a unique and exquisite seal that embodies your identity or artistic vision.

Experience the artistry and cultural heritage of seal engraving with our 3/4" Qingtian Soapstones. Discover the joy of crafting personalized seals that leave a lasting impression on your artwork or documents. 

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