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Chinese Scholar's Rock Painting Class with Victoria 06/18

Chinese Scholar's Rock Painting Class with Victoria 06/18

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Explore the world of Chinese Scholar's Rocks through brush strokes and pouring ink with Victoria Li!

Date: June 18, 2024
Time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm PST (3.5 hours) (12 pm ET, 5 pm UK, 6 pm Europe)
Location: Online via Zoom

Join us for an enlightening artistic journey as we delve into the sophisticated world of Gongbi painting with renowned artist Victoria Li. In this workshop, we will explore the intricate and poetic essence of Scholar's Rocks, symbols of contemplation and aesthetic refinement in Chinese culture.

The origin of this genre of Chinese art traces back to the Northern Song Dynasty literati scholar Mi Fu (1051-1107), who theorized that the aesthetics of Scholar's Rocks are based on several key principles:

  • Thinness 瘦 (shòu): Rocks that appear thin and elongated, with an asymmetrical and top-heavy shape, were prized for their elegance and gracefulness, reminiscent of towering mountains or ancient trees.
  • Openness 透 (tòu): Rocks with perforations, cavities, or openings were highly valued for creating a sense of depth and mystery, inviting the viewer's imagination to wander.
  • Wrinkling 皱 (zhòu): The intricate patterns, furrows, dimples, or striations on the rock's surface, capturing the natural erosion and weathering processes, were prized.
  • Hollowness 漏 (lòu): Hollows in the rock were prized for their dramatic contrast to the solidity of the stone, emphasizing the balance between solid and void. This quality adds dynamic visual interest and depth, highlighting the interplay between the rock's substantial form and its voids.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Focus on Scholar's Rocks: Understand the symbolic significance and master the techniques needed to capture their intricate forms and textures on paper. Victoria will lead you to paint two paintings of Scholar's Rocks—first, starting with a detailed practice of the rock, explaining the techniques of contouring, modeling, texture, and shading. The first assignment will build your confidence to do the second painting in a more spontaneous style.
  • Interactive Guidance: Receive personalized feedback and tips from Victoria Li to elevate your artistic expression.
  • Flexible Online Access: Participate in the workshop from the comfort of your own space via Zoom.

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey where the serene spirit of Scholar's Rocks and the meticulous craft of Gongbi painting converge. Whether you're an experienced artist or a curious beginner, this workshop promises a profound artistic exploration, allowing you to engage with traditional techniques while embracing the poetic beauty of nature.

Detailed handouts and a list of required materials will be provided upon registration to ensure you are well-prepared to immerse yourself in the intricate world of Scholar's Rocks. Secure your spot today and unlock the timeless elegance of this unique artistic experience.

 Supplies List (The cost are not included in the class fee. Please click on the links to order.)

  1. None-absorbent Sized Xuan Paper: For each workshop, we will use 2 pieces of 13.5’’x 9" sized Xuan paper. Cicada-wing-sized-xuan is highly recommended for easy tracing and getting sharper lines:
  2. For the second pouring ink technic you need to dry-mount the paper on to a board or heavy paper. The pre-mounted round card that Victoria uses is available here (please select the option B: sized antique colored Xuan rice paper)
  3.  Brushes:
  4. Color and ink:
  5. LED Light box: A4 size (optional)
  6. Hair Dryer: to save time on waiting the paints to dry.  
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