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Chinese Brush Painting Class with Henry Li Spring 2024(Zoom)

Chinese Brush Painting Class with Henry Li Spring 2024(Zoom)

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Welcome to the Spring of Creativity and Tradition: Whether you prefer to join us in person at the Joslyn Center, Alhambra, CA, or engage with us online through Zoom and YouTube, this course offers an enriching experience into the art of Chinese brush painting.

Dates: Every Thursday from April 11 to June 20, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST.

Course Overview: This Spring, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Chinese brush painting with a curriculum that seamlessly weaves together landscapes, flora, and fauna. Our journey through art will explore the delicate balance and intrinsic harmony between human life and the natural world, as portrayed through traditional and innovative brush techniques. Open to enthusiasts and artists of all levels, this course invites you to explore the depth and breadth of Chinese brush painting, fostering both technical skill and creative expression.

Integrated Themes:

  • The Harmony of Nature: Learn to blend landscapes with flora and fauna, capturing the interconnectedness of all living things.
  • Capturing the Spirit of the Seasons: Delve into the changing moods of nature by painting scenery and garden plants, reflecting the cycle of life.
  • Dynamic Compositions: Master the art of depicting birds in flight among blossoms, bringing motion and life to your canvas.
  • Mountain Retreats: Explore the coexistence of human life with natural scenery, portraying serene retreats and the beauty of solitude.
  • Water Elements: Paint tranquil scenes of fish, lotus, and river landscapes, expressing the fluidity and calming presence of water in nature.
  • Expressive Flower and Birds: Dive into the symbolism and naturalism in Chinese brush painting, expressing the character and essence of your subjects.

Chinese Brush Painting Course Syllabus
1. Flowers and Birds: Introduction to Materials and Qi Baishi's Inspiration
- Materials Overview: Discuss the different types of paper and brushes, including sheep or wolf hair, essential for Chinese brush painting.
- Masterpiece Study: Explore Qi Baishi's Shrimp and Crabs, focusing on brush stroke technique.

2. Landscape: Mountain Dwellings and Blue-Green Techniques
- Mastering Perspectives: Learn to paint buildings in traditional landscapes, focusing on achieving balanced compositions through perspective.
- Blue and Green Landscapes: Dive into painting landscapes using opaque blue and green hues, inspired by both ancient and modern masterpieces.
- Composition Concepts: Introduce basic composition concepts and approaches in Chinese painting.

3. The Four Gentlemen: Orchids and Bamboo with emphasis on line quality, grouping, and composition.
- Negative and positive space, three line crossing, writing instead of drawing the fractal elements, mark making.  

4. Landscape: Fan-Shaped Paintings and Seal Engraving
- Fan-Shaped Paintings: Explore composing and painting on fan-shaped surfaces, focusing on unique layouts.
- Seal Engraving: Learn the process of making seals and discuss placement techniques to enhance artworks.

5. Flowers and Birds: Zen Symbolism in Fruit and Figures
- Zen Painting Symbolism: Delve into Zen symbolism and techniques, focusing on subjects like fruit and simple figure faces.
- Masterpiece Study: Examine "The Six Persimmons" and the face of Bodhidharma for technique and expression.

6. Landscape: Qi Movement and Martial Arts Figures
- Qi Movement in Clouds and Mists: Explore how to paint the Qi movement in clouds and mists within landscape paintings.
- Integrating Martial Arts Figures: Introduction to painting human figures with an emphasis on facial expressions, proportions, and gestures related to martial arts, Tai Chi, or qigong movements.

7. Garden Stones: Bamboo, Banana Trees, and Figures
- Painting Scholar's Stones: Experiment with incorporating Taihu garden stones, adding depth to your artwork.
- Combining Elements: Explore the combination of banana trees and bamboo with the figure of a Chinese lady, blending natural elements with human presence.

8. Flowers and Birds - Tree Blossoms.
- Dogwoods and Magnolias in ink or color the Eight positions of in-and-out of branches in tree branch composition.

9. Flowers and Birds: Capturing the Spirit of the Seasons: Delve into the changing moods of nature by painting scenery and garden plants, reflecting the cycle of life.

10. Landscape: Water Elements: Paint tranquil scenes of river landscapes, expressing the fluidity and calming presence of water in nature.

11. Flowers and Birds: Dive into the symbolism and naturalism in Chinese brush painting, expressing the character and essence of flowers and birds.

Online Learning Journey: Participants can join live via Zoom or take advantage of recorded sessions on YouTube to learn at their own pace. We encourage you to submit your artwork for personalized feedback, ensuring a nurturing and supportive learning environment, regardless of your physical location.

Registration: Select your preferred mode of participation (Zoom plus Recording or Recording only) and proceed to checkout. Given the limited availability of live session seats, we recommend opting for the recorded option if you cannot attend in person.

Further Information: We are here to assist with any questions, accommodate scheduling conflicts, or help with late registrations. Our aim is to support your journey into the realms of art, where tradition meets personal discovery and expression.

Unleash Your Creative Potential: Join us this spring for a course that promises not just to teach, but to inspire. Engage with the timeless traditions of Chinese brush painting and let your creativity flourish in an atmosphere of artistic exploration and cultural appreciation.

Chinese Brush Painting Supplies Checklist:

Chinese Brush Painting Supplies Checklist:

3-5 Chinese Painting Brushes: Begin with a basic set of a soft brush, a stiff brush, and a small detail brush.

Sumi Ink: Opt for bottled liquid ink or ink cake for convenience. Traditionalists may prefer an inkstick and inkstone.

Rice Paper: We recommend unsized or semi-sized Xuan rice paper for flower and birds painting, and mulberry papers for landscape.

Watercolor Paints: Marie's Chinese painting watercolors or traditional color chips. Artist quality watercolor or gouache is also suitable.

A Palette and Two White Ceramic Saucers: Essential for mixing and holding your paints.

2 Water Containers: For rinsing brushes and clean water.

Felt Pad: Opt for white or light-colored synthetic or wool felt pad. 

Paper Towel or Hand Tissue: For blotting and drying brushes.

Brush Rest: Preserve your brushes and keep your workspace tidy. Find options.

Paper Weights: Secure your rice paper in place while painting.

Seal and Red Ink Paste (optional): Start with your initials and consider ordering a personalized Chinese name seal from me later.

Student Value Package:

For your convenience, a curated student value package with all essentials is available.

Refund Policy:
If, after attending the first lesson, you decide that the class isn't the right fit for you, you may drop the class and receive a full refund in the form of store credit (no cash refunds). This policy is designed to provide you with the flexibility to explore the course with confidence and peace of mind.

Please note that no refunds will be issued once the second lesson starts. This policy ensures that students are committed to the course and helps maintain the integrity and structure of the class for the benefit of all participants.


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